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Audiowalk: Siřem through Franze's ears

Go through Siřem with Franz. Find out what happened to him here and how it changed him. You'll be guided by the Deziluzers themselves. Audiowalk was created as a collaboration between Czech and German artists and will remain in the village permanently. The people of Siřem as a village also contributed a great deal to the project. The project was created in close cooperation with the Kafka Gallery and its owner David Herblich. The Valeč - Siřem hiking trail is being created in cooperation with the Czech Tourist Club. During the festival there will be a guided version with life performances, recordings of this will be made available later. Also due to the fact that Siřem is located in the Sudeten area, we are working on a purely German version. 


This is an audio-walk that playfully traces Franz Kafka's almost 8 month stay in Siřem. It does not necessarily adhere to or present historical facts, although it is based on them. It attempts to work with themes related to Kafka's stay and to map feelings and insights that are still relevant today and that he may have arrived at in Siřem. The project was created in the framework of the festival preparations under the guidance of Johana Peroutová for the Czech side and Florian Denk for the German side. Original works by Kafka were also used in the audiowalk, namely The Aphorisms of Siřem and The Castle, whose origins are set in Siřem. This was a student project, but with the involvement of the local community, which contributed significantly to the project. Whether by lending voices to the individual characters or by providing their land for the recording of specific sounds and spaces. 

the project consists of:


theme: Johana Peroutová, David Herblich, Florian Denk

script+direction: Johana Peroutová

dramaturgy: Florian Denk, Marianna Cimburová

soundtrack: Hye Un Kim

set design: Prokop Pršala, Nela Neubauerová, Bedřich Rose

sound: Jakub Strasser, Vit Ondrich

František Hlinka

Natálie Chládková

Florian Denk, Jean Denis Genchev




Franz: Daniel Síbr

Guide: Johana Peroutová

Feigl: David Herblich

Parish priest: Matěj Skuhravý

Otlla: Marianna Cimburová

Gabriella: Rozálie Peřinová

Karl Hermann: Adam Klukavý

Siřemská láska: Tereza Hlaváčková

Otto Ochmelzer: Matyáš Řezníček

Werner Winwunder: Prokop Pršala

Frida's landlady: Anna Malinová

Felice: Karolína Hartmannová

Jan the innkeeper: Vladimír Krátký

Max Brod: Jiří Valášek

Drozka: Zdeněk Grossman

Felix: Tobias Marx


and the whole team of the Deziluze and Siřem!

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