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1st wave - 350 CZK (25.11.-4.12.) - SOLD OUT

You already know that Dezi will be somewhere else. But where will it be? You will find out later. But you can already buy the cheapest ticket for both days now.❤️‍🔥

And beware - there are only 10 of them! Do you dare?

2nd wave - 500 CZK (5.12.-31.12.)

Christmas is coming and so is the second wave of our presale. For 500 CZK you can buy two days full of program and with it an infinity of experiences. Treat yourself and buy something for yourself too. 🌲


3rd wave - 750 CZK (January 1 - March 31)

4th wave - 900 CZK (1.4.-27.6.)






All I want for Christmas is friends Dezi package: 3+1 (5.12.-31.12.) - 1 500 CZK

It goes better in two, but everyone knows that in four, that's just the best for festivals. And that you don't know what to get for the fellas for Christmas? Gift yourself and your friends by buying 3 tickets and we will give you the fourth one as a gift.

With a piece of Deziluze - CZK 1,200

A two-day ticket and our t-shirt? A total banger! You will receive the ticket in your email right away and the t-shirt will be waiting for you at the entrance, so you can then be a trendsetter throughout the whole Deziluze festival. 

Toast - I'll get drunk ahead of time - 100 CZK

Buy a beer now and support Deziluze at the same time. Beer will then be waiting for you at the bar during the festival. 🍻


P.S.: You can pre-order as much beer as you want.

P.P.S.: This ticket is only valid with another regular festival ticket!

Happy 10th anniversary! - 4 200.69 CZK

10 years - that's how long we've been here with you. Thank you 💜 We will celebrate it together at the festival of course, but if you want to give us a gift, we will be grateful and the chances of meeting again in 2025 will increase. 🫂🥰 






One-day - 750 CZK

Two-day - 1 110 CZK







And where? You'll soon find out. 🤭
#Deziluzewillbe #Deziluze2024

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